Theatre Directing 1 – Lina Hölscher

10 Jun

Here you can have a look at some images of the highly talented Lina Hölscher who is a German Director and Set designer, and has been very active working in theatres in Munich and is soon to work at the ‘Schauspielhaus Graz’ in Austria.

The images are stills from two of her plays, Herz aus Gift and DER GEWISSENLOSE MÖRDER HASSE KARLSSON ENTHÜLLT DIE ENTSETZLICHE WAHRHEIT, WIE DIE FRAU ÜBER DER EISENBAHNBRÜCKE ZU TODE GEKOMMEN IST, which were both performed in the Rational Theater in Munich. For more information on them (and more pictures) check out the website

During the festival GOING PUBLIC Lina will be collaborating with Kat Redstone, Emanule Nargi, Hannah Moore und Alice Colley on a piece called  Bitte nicht Benjamin. Their theatre-piece is the only performance during the 4-day  which specifies the use of a director.


(on the images you can see Maike Sprecht, Sinikka Schubert, Christopher Goetzie and Timocin Ziegler. The images are taken by Michael Matiu.) 

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