Post-Cosmogony’s 20th Century (a.d.) Appreciation of Ice (part 2)

27 Jun

Here are some images of GOING PUBLIC’s Belle Santos’ project Post-Cosmogony’s 20th Century (a.d.) Appreciation of Ice (PART 2), where she ‘plays’ with- and re-interprets Yves Klein’s theory of the void.

here you can have a look at her (unfinished) website:





27 Jun

A little glimps into the new performance In Fool View by Mallika Prasad, which she will be performing on the 27th (TODAY!) and 30th of June.

To book tickets go toGoing Public please visit






Carnal Temptation

25 Jun

More work from Going Public’s Anna Vauhkonen…

Carnal Temptation was performed in an old meat storage facility at the opening of the Basement exhibition at Regency House, Brighton 2011. A site specific solo performance exploring carnal sexuality and forbidden temptations, this work reflects on the restricted role of women of the regency era.Image

You can check out the video of Carnal Temptation here and be sure to catch Anna’s Ecstatic Acts of Transgression at Going Public on Wednesday 27th and Saturday 30th June.

The Passionate Revolt

25 Jun

A quick update of goings on from FLEX the other night.

The Passionate Revolt performed 14th of June was a orgiastic act attempting to show the danger of being carried away by passion. This was the first experiment of sexuality in the frame of Anna Vauhkonen’s research project Ecstatic Acts of Transgression which is being performed at Going Public on Wednesday 27th and Saturday 30th June.

The performance was created in collaboration with Emanuele Nargi who also performs in Bitte Nicht Benjamin on the 27th, 28th & 30th June.


To book tickets for Going Public please visit

‘Okroshka’s Unfinished Symphony’

22 Jun

UPDATE – you can also check out the video documentation here


Some images of a december collaboration which was inspired by the film Battleship Potempkin (dir. Sergei Eisenstein).

‘Okroshka’s Unfinished Symphony’ was composed of a vegetable orchestra which ended in complete chaos.

Performed by Oliver Pash, Lydia Samuels, Leigh Tredger, Hannah Breslin, Valentina Muhr, Nick Cassen, John Macedo.

The images were taken by Áine Leamy




15 Jun

Today we have the chance of sharing some stunning images from GOING PUBLIC’s Mallika Prasad, who is a Theatre Maker from India. The images are stills from the Performances Bust (2011) and Creeper (2007), which she performed in collaboration with Actors Ensemble India Forum in the cities Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai to critical acclaim.

Mallika will be performing a Solo project called In Fool View during the GOING PUBLIC Festival.


For more information on Bust












For more information on Creeper


15 Jun

Walking around the staircase of the Ben Pimlott building yesterday (you know, the one with the squiggle sculpture on top of it) it was impossible not to think back to the day we lined up along the stairs and peered down four floors to see this. I remember clasping on to the railing, the optical illusion confusing my brain,  having to make a concerted effort to  remember which way was up!

Hannah Breslin, Lea Kalinna and Valentina Muhr collaborate on Plano – which translates from Spanish as ‘flat’ and as a ‘plan’, like an architectural blueprint.